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iData J15 Barcode Scanner

The iData J15 Barcode Scanner is a high-performance device designed to streamline your business operations. With its advanced scanning technology and ergonomic design, the iData J15 ensures fast, accurate, and efficient barcode reading, making it an ideal choice for retail, logistics, warehousing, and inventory management.

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Quick barcode reading with iData scanning technology

Soc NPU acceleration technology, combining with smartLight 3.0 decoding algorithm, makes it easy to deal with hard-to-recognized barcodes, such as the wrinkled barcodes on retail product, or a vague, damaged barcode on parcel package.

A comfortable scanning experience

Workers can get a better user experience by a streamlined grip and high rebound trigger. They feel more comfortable even they need to work with the scanner frequently.

Multi-system support, simply plug and use

Support Windows, Android, Linux and other systems, almost cover retail, logistics, warehousing and many other industries of system adaptation. With USB connection, simply plug and use, no need to install software and debug.

One scanner fits various industries

Retailing, logistics, healthcare, public utility, goods code, payment code, express code, drug code, health code.

Optimized algorithm, rapid scanning

Soc NPU acceleration technology and SmartLight3.0 decoding algorithm combination
Cured/wrinkled/damaged/dirty barcodes can be read with easily

Performance Parameter
Light Sensor 1280*1080 pixels
Light Source WHITE
Scanning Performance
Scanning Accuracy ≥3.33mil
Scanning Angle Pitch: ±60°; Skew:±45°; Tilt:360°
View Angle Horizontal:39.6°,Vertical:33.8°,Diagonal:50.4°
Minimum Reading Contract 15%
Motion Tolerance 15mil code128 1.5m/S
Physical Parameter
Size (H*W*D) 175.5mm(H)*85.3mm(W)*64.5mm(D)
Weight 158.5g
Working Voltage 4.5V~5.5V(DC)
Current 160mA(typical),400mA(maximum)
Interface USB-HID,USB-CDC,RS232
Reminder Buzz reminder/LED reminder
Housing Material PC+ABS
Environment Parameter
Working Temperature 0℃~50℃
Storage Temperature -40℃~70℃
Humidity 5%~95%(No condensation)
Ingress Protection IP52
Drop Specification Multiple drops to concrete floor from the height of 1.5m
Ambient Light 0Lux~100000Lux
ESD Protection ±15KV (air discharge), ±8KV (contact discharge)
Corresponding Regulations
Electric Safety IEC 62368
Environmental Specification RoHS directive 2011/65/EU,GB/T 26572
LED Safety IEC 62471:2006
EMI/RFI FCC Part 15 Class B,EN 55032:2015,EN 55035:2017
Decoding Range
3.33mil Code128 HD(High Density) :4.5cm~11cm
SR(Standard Range):8.0cm~13cm
10mil Code128 HD(High Density) :2.5cm~20cm
SR(Standard Range):3.0cm~44cm
10.83mil QR Code HD(High Density) :2.5cm~15.0cm
SR(Standard Range):5.0cm~25cm
20.83mil QR Code HD(High Density) :2.5cm~22.0cm
SR(Standard Range):2.5cm~46cm
Code System
1D code128、EAN-8、EAN-13、UPC-A、UPC-E、codabar、 code11、code32、code39、code93、Interleaved 2of 5、 Matrix 2 of 5、IATA 2 of 5、UK Plessey、MSIPlessey、 GS1DataBar, etc.
2D Aztec,Data Matrix,Micro PDF 417,PDF 417,QR,Micro QR,Han xin code, Grid Matrix, etc.
Standard Accessories USB cable*1,Power cord*1,user manual*1
Optional Accessories Cradle, serial cable
****** As the product line is updating from time to time, the information in this document is subject to change without notice.

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